Give your business a clear competitive edge. Our AS9100 consultants are the best in the business when it comes to showing you how to gain systematic leverage. If you are looking to get the most out of AS9100 and push your organization to new heights, contact us to schedule your AS9100 gap analysis today.


Get the Most out of AS9100 with AQP Consultants

Bringing in an experienced quality management consulting service to evaluate your business and help you obtain AS9100 certification can be a wise investment depending on the skill level and expertise the AS9100 consultants bring to the table. Though outsourcing this role in most cases may represent an additional cost, the return on investment is something you should definitely consider before embarking on the “do-it-yourself” route of preparing your businesses for the official audit.

In fact, in many cases, we are able to work with our clients and help them manage their AS9100 certification status and save them thousands of dollars compared to the cost of hiring an in house quality manager or team, all while providing services that are second to none.

Our Philosophy

At AQP, we believe that not all quality management systems are created equal. Getting the absolute most out of your AS9100 certification process is the difference between talking the talk, and walking the walk.

When your organization is recognized for its unwavering commitment to the highest possible quality standards, you can easily count on that reputation to carry your business to new levels of growth and success.

Our Approach

As your AS9100 quality system consultants, we apply our rigorous auditing methodology to your entire organization with the goal of discovering every detail we can find and helping you leverage the QMS to its maximum effect.

By partnering with AQP you can expect to realize far more gains in efficiency and cost savings compared to a self-audit or even using another auditing company because we service every client according to their needs by customizing a tailor made plan to get the job done — never expect any turn-key solutions or anything cookie cutter when dealing with AQP.

Our Promise

AS9100 is our specialty — and you can trust that with AQP as your internal auditing source, you will experience a new standard in productivity that you can bank on to grow both your bottom line and your brand identity.

We won’t rest until your customers associate your name with the word “Quality.”

Our Guarantee

If you are considering hiring an aerospace consultant to help you address your AS9100 certification needs, then the choice is simple.

AQP will come to you anywhere in the world and spend a full business day evaluating your AS9100 opportunity at minimal cost to you. We’re out to prove that we are the best at what we do, and we prefer that you to put us to the test before you even think about hiring us.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied by our approach, then we’ll shake hands, pack our things, and part ways. Simple as that. No pressure. No gimmicks. Just business.

We like to think our works speaks for itself, and that our work is what separates us from other consultants. We’re confident that if you let us prove it, you will be completely satisfied.

What is AS9100 and Why Should You Certify?

The international aerospace industry’s reputation for quality and safety largely depends on a supply chain that holds itself to exceptional standards. AS9100 is that very foundation for standards of uniformity and quality, all of which apply to every tier of its supply chain all throughout the entire world. For any organization that wishes to participate as an aerospace supplier, it is safe to assume that it would be a wise investment to obtain recognizable AS9100 certification.

Organizations that are recognized as AS9100 certified often experience a substantial business advantage within the rapidly growing and increasingly competitive marketplace for global supply chain partners. Lucrative contracts from many well established aerospace industry giants are more often than not only available to businesses that have successfully registered themselves as AS9100 certified with an accredited registrar.

Seeing as these major players in aerospace are responsible for the safety and well-being of hundreds of millions of traveler’s year round, it should come as no surprise they have no other choice but to hold all levels of the supply chain to rigid conformity standards. As long as aerospace suppliers continue to manage risk, maintain quality and ensure delivery according to AS9100 quality standards, air travelers can take to the skies knowing that everything has been done to guarantee the safest possible travel.

AS9100 Certification Benefits

If you are a business that plans to provide a service or product to any aspect of this vast supply network, then it’s critical to consider the cost-benefit impact of AS9100 to your organization as well as what you can do it maximize its implementation so your organization gets the most out of AS9100.

In addition to a significant competitive edge, becoming AS9100 certified also bestows many other benefits to organizations that elect to implement and follow this quality management system.

  • Cost Savings through more efficient supply chain management and day to day processes that affect production or service (resources, people, machines, equipment, software, facilities, etc.)
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty – on time delivery and sustainable high levels of quality
  • Systematic improvement at all levels of business – identify areas that require improvement and guaranteed commitment from upper management, ongoing development and evaluation of quality management systems and objectives
  • Better manage your infrastructure to optimize your entire business model from the ground up